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New Peach & Pink Showit5 Website Template


I just finished my first Showit5 template called Peach & Pink! Soon it will be added to the Showit design store! Id like to give a huge thanks to Folly Photography over at

Misty is the owner over at Folly Photography and I just love her amazing and crazy talented photos! Thank you so much girl for allowing me to use your beautiful images!

This template features a full screen homepage that allows you to customize 3 or more photos with a story or caption for each photo. It also features 3 full galleries, and an investment page full of details for your pricing’ and a section for you to explain to your clients what to expect and how you operate. This design has a shop; that allows you to plug in your PayPal account to except payments directly into your PayPal account, or you could connect it with anything that allows you to use a Embed code. The blog features a side bar to allow you to customize it with your personal touch and information. You have two categories options, one at the top, or one on the side bar.   If your looking for, a light and airy gorgeous design, this is it! Check out the live preview here!

March 24, 2018




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