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hello Gorgeous

Hello Gorgeous,  

My name is Mindy Vassalle and I am here to help you! Please have a look below and get to know me personally. 

Your Designer, 

showit designer and creative graphic artist 

I'm Mindy; A sassy, but classy, and a little tech savvy kinda gal! I enjoy helping people learn and grow to maximize their full potential as a creative business. I give recommendations and cut through the bs with a plan of action! I keep you motivated and on track. It's like having a business coach, virtual  assist, copywriter, media manager, SEO goo roo, and life coach all at the same time. 

– Ashley Loveless, Ashley Loveless Photography .  

“Brand Me Gorgeous did a gorgeous job on my website, (hence the name Brand Me Gorgeous). I regularly update my pages layouts and content to improve my business, and I am absolutely not a tech savvy person . My clients, friends, and family who support me love my site as well as they rave about the colors and layout! I highly recommend Brand Me Gorgeous to anyone who wants a website." 

–Genevieve Wolfrum , Photographer 

"This woman is phenomenal! By far, the best website building experience I've had. She got the job done quickly, beautifully, and well within my budget. Her personal skills and work integrity made this an immeasurable experience for me! Thank you, Mindy Vassalle for Branding Me Gorgeous!"

–Sara McMillian , Photographer 

"Super quick responses. Very professional and helpful. Would highly recommend to any one looking for website / marketing help."

–Dolly DeLong , Photographer 

"So grateful I worked with Brand Me Gorgeous on a website re-brand. You were always very communicative (and you still are whenever I have a question) I loved that we had a pace of working together over several months because that way it didn't feel rushed and it gave me time to think things through! I am still so blown away by my new website + blog and I will be forever grateful for all of the help I received! Thank you so much!"

– Lisa at Petals and Promises LLC  

"I found Brand Me Gorgeous on the Showit FB group and reached out to her after taking the Showit template as far as I could. She was very warm and supportive and I felt she understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. Mindy was able to pick up where I lelt off and finish my web site quickly. She saved me time and frustration and I have also enlisted her services on other projects such as SEO and advertising materials"

– Mindy Tanimoto, Photographer 

"Loved my experience with Mindy..,.She takes care of me all the time and still does.."

– Lisa Almeida Wedding Bridal Shop 

"Mindy showed talent, insight, patience and excellent follow up during this whole process. I was pleased that we could view the site bit by bit as she constructed it. This gave us the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes according to our vision. We truly have never had a website that represents our company more than the site that Mindy produced."

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How I became 





design school


brand me


a designer 

My journey started with photography in 2008 when I bought my first digital SLR camera. I then learned how to shoot in Manuel and went on from there growing and learning about the business side of photography. I realized I needed a website to showcase my work for potential clients to see. So I started building a website. I fell in love with making my website. I thought it was so fun and addicting.




Next, In 2010 I had to learn how to use Photoshop to edit my photos and oh my word it took months for me to finally wrap my head around it. In fact, at one point I gave up. Then I started to learn how to make my own logo, print material like business cards, flyers, and pricing guides. Again I was hooked!




So in 2012, I decided to go to graphic design school. I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer for photographers. All assignments and projects I did were all related to the photography industry. My instructors were impressed with me having a nitch already and my Photoshop skills.  


design school


In 2013 my family had the opportunity to move to Florida. I absolutely love living here in Florida and I am so very thankful, as I was born and raised in Ohio where the weather isn’t as friendly. I love the beautiful weather here. My family spends a lot of time outdoors as we love the beach and going to the springs, state parks, and amusement parks.

I am a mom, wife, grandmother and pet lover. I have four children ages 13, 15, 25, and 26. The older two are still in Ohio and are married with children. My younger two children are homeschooled here in Florida. 




On February 21st, 2017 I opened Brand Me Gorgeous with a vision and what felt like a wing and prayer. I want to help business owners present their brand in a gorgeous way. My vision and the way I work with my clients is unique. I use a very heartfelt collaboration process to get to know my clients on a one on one level. I am able to connect with each client to attract their potential customers and make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. I treat each client’s business just as I do my own. I will obsess and lose sleep over nailing your dream and goals.


brand me gorgeous


I started using Showit in 2013 and I set a goal for myself to be a Showit designer. 

 On April 16th 2018 I became a Showit Designer and summited my first Showit templet. Since then Showit has approved my templet designs and has allowed me to be part of their designer team but my application to be a design partner is on hold as they are in the process of revamping. I am crossing my fingers and toes that in 2019 I will be a design partner as well because my dreams and passion is what has got me to where I am today! 


showit designer


my life loves

my big baby Alaskan Malamute 

my Persian princess 

home made mac n cheese

wonderful loving family

my side kick and shadow baby, German Shepard 

my love bug Maine Coon