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From client management & booking tools to email marketing. SEO and optimization and everything in between, this is my go-to must-have list! 

* Disclaimer some links are affiliate links, and I can make a small percentage. 

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Client mangement

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Hands down the most accessible and affordable all-in-one business tool for invoicing & contracts. Garb it now for 50% off!



Another all-in-one business tool for invoicing & contracts, but if you want many features, this is it! Snag 20% 0ff.


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Everything you need for FREE to communicate and work on projects with clients. It's easy to use and better than digging through hundreds of emails.



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If you know me, you know I play favorites, and Showit is hands down the best in my book for creating your website. Get one month for FREE when you sign up and try it FREE for 14 days! 



Gorgeous email marketing! No more ugly forms or emails. Build a connection that is on brand and you. Get 50% off.


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Create a fun quiz for your clients to enjoy, and when they get the results, they can get to know you and build trust with them. Try it for FREE!


Business Tools


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A little pricey at first, but pay once and have it forever. Create easy payment plans for your audience and even start selling courses and hosting them! 


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This is my favorite shop tool. It's the perfect mix of an entire shop set up without using WordPress or plugins. Just embed your entire store in a few clicks.


start recording

I am a video person and couldn't run my business without this tool. All my how-to videos or answers to long questions using Loom. 


If you are a visual person and want a way to communicate with clients, just brain dump, or create a project for inspiration, Milanote is fantastic. Let's say; It's like if a sticky note and Pinterest were to have a baby.   


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 My secret for getting feedback on website revisions. Just upload your clients' website URL, and they can pin comments on the site live! Works fantastic for template customizations as well.  


my must haves —

afor designers

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The easiest design program ever... in my option. It's affordable at free or even the paid plan. The library is full of on-trend designs and unique ones as well. It's my go-to for anything I want to create on the fly. 


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for Designers

showit course + Coaching 

COMMERCIAL use templates

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Are you a designer but feel you need more confidence in using Showit? Or you're an aspiring designer who has always dreamed of being a Showit designer. Now's your chance! Learn by doing with a 3 part course that takes you from building a Showit website from total scratch to turning those designs into templates. Then grow your business and learn how to work with clients. 

Gorgeous Designers

FOR designers —

Oh tell me more

Done For You Commercial Use Showit Site Canvases for you to build UNLIMITED Showit Website templates & use with UNLIMITED clients for life! 

The days of wasting time building from scratch are over! No more Designers Block. Stop Burnout & Create Magic. Eliminate Imposter Syndrome and so much more.

The Site Canvas Studio

FOR designers —

My Tech 

see the specks

This PC is a powerhouse and runs like a dream. I am one to have 100 windows open with photoshop, LR, loom, and all the things, and it never misses a beat. 

Mac Studio M1 MAX

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The Blue Yeti microphone in my option is a great all-around mic I use when recording videos and my podcast. 

Blue Yeti 

See the camera

I'm a big fan of mirrorless cameras, and I have been using them way before there was even any hype. I have two as I also have the Sony a7 II, but I prefer my R. 

Sony a7r II

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use. 

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Is Showit for you? Give it a try for yourself. Download the template Roxann built to convert with many calls to action! Plus, a podcast and shop page. 

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Do you want to learn how to develop Showit websites, create  your own brand and how to work with clients? Then, check out the Gorgeous Designers course and mentoring program! 

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