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At Brand Me Gorgeous, I got you covered! I am an educational design studio founded on brand-building website education and services that help you make precise decisions about your business, from branding and design to goal-crushing marketing, strategies, and creative direction. I'm here to make you feel at ease and stress-free because having a designer in your corner that can answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction will lead you to more sales! 

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Fueled by equal parts creative direction, design, and passion for entrepreneurs, I'm Mindy Certified Showit design partner, educator, course creator, business coach, and podcaster who does things uniquely suited for new and existing brands who love to create but want to know the secrets behind design and brand building. 

I spend my days learning and doing all things business and design so I can deliver the kind of results you need to make your brand and website stand out, grow and book the clients you love because I believe a great designer shows you what you need to do and not what you think you should. 

I’m Mindy. Showit Pro & Design Business Coach 

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Are you a designer but feel you need more confidence in using Showit? Or you're an aspiring designer who has always dreamed of being a Showit designer. Now's your chance! Learn by doing with a 3 part course that takes you from building a Showit website from total scratch to turning those designs into templates. Then grow your business and learn how to work with clients. 

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Done For You Commercial Use Showit Site Canvases for you to build UNLIMITED Showit Website templates & use with UNLIMITED clients for life! 

The days of wasting time building from scratch are over! No more Designers Block. Stop Burnout & Create Magic. Eliminate Imposter Syndrome and so much more.

The Site Canvas Studio

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Caroline Spink

"Mindy is my fairy godmother. I had so many issues with my website (built by another designer) it was a very stressful time trying to understand why my site wasn't working. Mindy uncovered a lot of issues in site build, SEO, site structure and came in and took the stress away. She is super responsive to messages, delivers exactly what she promises and REALLY knows her stuff. - Mindy is your girl. "  

 Lisa at Petals and Promises LLC

" Mindy was very warm and supportive and I felt she understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. Mindy was able to pick up where I left off and finish my website quickly. She saved me time and frustration and I have also enlisted her services on other projects such as SEO and advertising materials"

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Are you looking for the perfect new Showit Website Templates to serve your growing brand? Shop my collection of predesigned website templates that are not only gorgeous but also connect readers to paying clients and customers. 

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I have built websites for my local community for Dr. Bhadresh K. Patel, Dr. Dhruv K. Modi, Carolyn Baulista, A.R.N.P., Robin Holloway, and A.R.N.P. with West Florida Medical Associates. As well as Dr. Catherine Navarro, Dr. David Deam, and Dr. Carrie Staton with L.R.I. Medical North & South and Dr. Alex Villacastin with Suncoast Primary Care Specialists.

Also, serving those outside my community include Dr. Nic Berglund, D.C, with Balanced Livermore Chiropractic, and Christian Villacorta, Homeopathy Teacher and Consultant, just to name a few. 

Earning the trust of professionals from small business owners to physicians, chiropractors, and the wellness and beauty industry 





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Did you know you only have 2 seconds to grab someone's attention? Yicks right? Need a solid brand? Start here with one of these pre-designed branding kits. Just swap out your name, update the colors, or keep um! 


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No brand? No problem. Let's fix that. 

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Get clarity on all things brand and website to push your business to thrive from the inside out by learning to dig deep and find your brand’s story. 

With this podcast, I deliver practical yet proven ways to grow your brand within your business. Once you start developing a plan of action and learn the inside scoop on building a connection with people, you will begin to thrive. 

I’ll be chatting about what goes into a website and how to make it simple yet gorgeous to turn those readers into buyers! 

The brand me gorgeous show

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Is Showit for you? Give it a try for yourself. Download the template Roxann built to convert with many calls to action! Plus, a podcast and shop page. 

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Do you want to learn how to develop Showit websites, create  your own brand and how to work with clients? Then, check out the Gorgeous Designers course and mentoring program! 

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