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A three part program for aspiring Showit designers to learn how to build in Showit from total scratch. 

A Step-By-Step Showit Designers Course

for aspiring designers

It Just Seems Like There Is Soooo Much To Know and let me guess your feeling. 

  • Completely overwhelmed with Showit, but you know you can figure it out with the right help.

  • You don’t have time to research everything, one by one, or spend hours and hours learning. 

  • You wish you knew a designer with years of experience and could just pm them. But... you know their time is valuable, and you don’t want to drive them crazy. 

  • You're forever looking at gorgeous website templates and custom websites and think, "dang, I wish I knew how to do that." 

  • You wonder how designers know what to put on a website and where. 

So now here you are...

as you have always wanted to learn how to build websites with showit but...

I'm sharing years of experiences I have learned along the way. And that saves you valuable time, plus the headaches of the learning curve!

The good news... I been there and done all that and came to the conclusion, I am going to put together the best dang Showit course out there to help others that felt just like me!

its not just you hunny

Oh tell me more!


not knowing how a website should be made and why 

to BE brave and FEEL confident with your designs  

Being scared to put yourself out there and feeling not sure of your skills


go from helping a friend fix their website as a favor

TO building your own custom websites, and templates from scratch

Going from, a showit user who can only customize other DESIGNER'S TEMPLES

image what it would feel like to go from...

In fact. You can achieve this and more! Because... I will be your cheerleader, design bestie, and teacher! 

A resource library with a template wireframes a pre-designed ready to go design template for your own business and more 

Three full courses to help you learn Showit, design & sell templates, plus how to work with clients

A go at your own pace learn by doing, to kickstart your business with pre-recorded easy to watch and learn videos

Gorgeous Designers


the power of design starts here

it's your choice

An entire intensive design course. To learn to build fabulous & gorgeous websites. Paired with a great community. Let's take you from start to style to selling!  

Start with learning how to design a complete Showit website from total scratch. Learn to design step by step in just a few weeks! 
Then take your new design skills learned, create Showit Templates and start making passive income! 
Learn to work with clients plus how to set up your own workflow and timeline plus pricing to get started working with clients ASAP!

Learn Showit Masterclass

Design & Sell with Passive Income

Run it Gorgeously

To take you from learning to build custom Showit websites to designing Showit templates to sell, and so much more...

3 courses in 1 + a community

a course for designers

  • Building the blog 
  • Building a post lists page 
  • Creating a single post page 
  • Building a category menu
  • Making a category post section 
  • Building a sidebar 
  • Creating a Blog 404 page 
  • Building a Blog Page 
  • Adding a new page 
  • Copying a Page 
  • Building an About page and all sections in it
  • Creating a Service page and all areas in it
  • Creating a Shop page and all sections in it
  • Creating a Gallery page and all sections in it
  • Creating a FAQ Page and all sections it
  • Building a Contact page and learning to create the form 
  • Building a 404 page 
  • Making a Coming Soon page 
  • Building an Instagram Page 

  • Building a Home page
  • Adding new canvases 
  • Building a menu 
  • Adding photos and working with the library 
  • Building an intro section 
  • Building a service section 
  • Building an about section 
  • Building a pop-up 
  • Building an Instagram feed 
  • Building a footer 
  • Converting a canvas to a site canvas 
You will have questions; you might even get stuck. I am here for you. Ask me anything and get help when you need it! 

Plus Mentoring & a Community

Oh I'M ready!

Here's what you'll learn

by joining the gorgeous academy...

what's included

How to grow a successful design business, using your passion 

How to build using the proper site structure for SEO, site flow, and conversion 

How to use shortcuts,  tricks, and resources to design faster and smarter 

How to build a website from complete scratch, as you will watch me create a full and comprehensive website from the ground up

How to use a brand and website strategy, in designing for both a template or a custom website 

Learn how Showit is  structured and how to build the website framework  


How to build a website from complete scratch, as you will watch me create a complete website from the the ground up.

How to use shortcuts, tricks, tools, and resources to design faster and smarter.

How to build using the proper site structure for SEO, site flow, and conversion with strategy.  

Learn how to build in Showit


Learn to build pages by page and connect the mechanicals of the website on the backend. 

Learn click actions, how to connect them, and the best website flow for selling a project or service. 

Master learning the Showit functionality 


Learning the ins and outs of how the Showit blog design is created and should function to connect to the backend of WordPress. 

See an honest behind-the-scenes look at how the two talk to each other and feel confident understanding how it all works.

Understanding the blog with Wordpress & Showit






Learn how to build a Showit template correctly and how to set it up to sell. 

Design your Showit Template shop and learn how to connect buy now buttons, share your design, and sell it. 

Plus so much more

Craft your design skills into Showit Templates

Go behind the senses with me to see how I create a product and embedded them into Showit.  

Setting up your Shop

Shop pages can be very converting if done using product pages for each product. Learn how to build product pages or learn how to embed products without product pages.  

Building a Shop Page 

Learn the most popular integrations that work with Showit for selling digital products. 

Shop options 

Join now!

Client boundaries are needed right from the start. They are important in knowing how to set them so you can have a happy and healthy balance between your life and business. 

Work Balance & boundaries 

Learn how I do my cost of doing business and how you can use my COB spreadsheet/calculator to come up with your own pricing. 

Pricing your business

I share my years of communicating with clients and what I have done wrong and share tips and tricks to help you book a client and how what you say matters. 

Client Communication 

My secret sauce to  working with clients is using Asana as well as a few other tools. Learn and watch how I set up my Asana account and client boards. (bonus Asana templates included)

Working with Clients

Getting paid and having a sold contract (or Statement of Work) is easy within Honeybook. Learn how to use Honeybook to send proposals get paid. 

Learning Honeybook

I share my entire workflow from canned emails, to my Asana templates that collect client info and keeping the project running smooth. 

Creating a Workflow

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plus bonuses

Easy to use plug and play Showit wireframe kit filled with different menu designs footer designs galleries and more sections for you to use in your own designs. 

Wireframe kit

Another bonus course to learn how to get copy from clients the easy way! This trick has been a hack of mine that I discovered to end the frustration of chasing clients.  

Let's Talk Copy

Bonus course to how you can find your style and use it to attract the right audience and set yourself apart right from the start of your design business.   

Find your inner designer

Enroll today for as low as $27

Are you ready to start designing?

12 installments of


budget friendly 

Community access 

Lesson Library with 3 courses and bonus courses

Done For You Templates worksheets and more

Community access 

Lesson Library with 3 courses and bonus courses

Done For You Templates worksheets and more

1 payment of


best price

If you want to become a designer but are fearful that you will not be good enough? Don't. Design is subjective, and the right person will love your style. 

Dear entrepreneur,


Remember- practice makes perfect, and those you compare yourself to have been practicing for months, years, even a decade or more. You will get there!

Join now!

- Whitney Odolo

"Yesterday I got my first confirmed client. I shared what I designed to some friends and they shared to people they knew and now I'm in business. Four people reached out to me. I spoke with 1 yesterday and she confirmed for sure that she would be moving forward with me to design her a website (beginning on the 17th) and then I have a call with a potential client today who is interested in the template I was working on (the one I finished today)"

I'm so excited!! What I will earn from the custom website design (1 client) will pay for this course and some. 

These success stories could be you

- Pamela Woodson

She showed me step by step how Showit functions, along with real live videos, explanations, and tutorials on how to do certain things. She explained everything in an easy way, so nothing was over my head. She was always there to answer every question I had with kindness. She knows what she’s talking about and you can tell that this course was built by someone who loves helping others, and who truly wants other people to succeed. I highly recommend Mindy and this course!"

"Mindy’s course was simply incredible. Between her immense knowledge of Showit, her attention to detail and her overall love for helping others, this course was exactly what I needed.

- Aimee

"I have been working with Mindy for a while, and I have to say it has been hands down the best thing I have ever done for my website design business. Everything Mindy has taught me has excelled my business and given me the confidence to step up my business practices while niching down my clients. It has also helped me overcome imposter syndrome, and now I have a business building showit websites I absolutely love!"

"best thing I have ever done for my website design business"

- Karly Kay

She is sooo attentive and walked me through all of my questions and whenever I had a problem she was there. 

From website strategy, to hacks that will save me SO much time to creating mood boards, visuals and everything my future clients will get from me. Ah! So valuable. 

I seriously can’t say enough how great this course is, I’m so happy that I found her to help me on my Web design journey! 
I’ve designed in multiple platforms and wasn’t able to figure out Showit on my own so I decided to jump and take Mindys Course and it was seriously the best decision I ever made. 

Thank you MINDY! You’re truly one of a kind + the best design goddess ever 😃 happy! Happy! Me! 🥰🥰🥰🥰"

"I am literally BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this course is from Mindy! 

It outlines everything and more in the Showit web design platform and I went from throwing in the towel multiple times because I couldn’t figure it out on my own to feeling super confident navigating this platform like a boss.

Exclusive discounts on business tools, resources, as well as freebies.  

One on 1 video help, plus chat with the community to get help. 

Extra mini-courses are added monthly as the community decides what they want to learn. 

Thoroughly learn how to design in Showit first. Then create Templates and build a Template Shop.  

the difference

Because this is a course with digital content, plus a community with a low monthly fee, NO refunds will be given after the first three days: Excluding holidays and weekends. Your membership will last until you cancel. 

What is the refund policy? And how long will my membership last? 


The community is way more about getting and giving help. Think about starting a business and working with clients. All the parts of being entrepreneurs are complicated, but this community will help! 

Why is there a community? How will this help me? I am pretty darn shy. 


The course is designed to work at your own pace. It can take you two weeks or a few months or more. That's up to you. But the community and your course content with last as long as you're still a member. 

How long does it take to COMPLETE the course? 


your questions

You probably will, and that is perfectly normal due to the complex learning curve of Showit at first. But then, all you have to do is send me a message or pop your question or your video on what you need help with in the community.

What HAPPENS if i get stuck and have questions and need help?


Nope. I have designed this course so that even if you have never created a website in your life, you will get a good understanding of what's involved. 

Do I have to already be a designer? 


Nope. This course will show you all the ins and outs of building in Showit, and by the end, I think you will be able to catch on pretty quickly. 

Do I need to already know how to use showit?


You're looking for a quick, grow your business to 6 figures.

You don't have time in your life right now to dedicate yourself to learning something else.

You don't know if being a designer will be your thing. 

You're not excited to learn how to build a website & start a design career. 

gorgeous academy  isn't right for:

Anyone who wants to learn Showit and how to design with Showit

Stay-at-home moms, anyone who wants to earn extra income or full-time income working from home. 

Daydreams, go-doers, and lovely creatives who want to expand and learn website design. 

You're working with a budget because... well, life can be hard sometimes. 

gorgeous academy is perfect for:

This course is perfect for you if...

You're new to Showit and can edit images and text to maybe more but building a site from scratch isn't something you can do yet.

You have 1-3 hours per week to spare!

You're a visual learner, and watching videos is helpful to you!

Having a mentor is your jam & asking questions is your thing!

You could sit on google for hours

Do something today that will forever change your life and help you start building your dream design future! 


Keep messing with settings in Showit and waste your valuable time, or...

Due to the nature of this offer all sales are final and no refunds will be given .

12 installments of


budget friendly 

Community access 

Lesson Library with 3 courses and bonus courses

Done For You Templates worksheets and more

Community access 

Lesson Library with 3 courses and bonus courses

Done For You Templates worksheets and more

1 payment of


best price

Enroll today for as low as $27

* Disclaimer this course and all it's content is not sponsored by Showit.  Mindy is an independent designer of Showit certified to support and  build Showit Templates in the Marketplace. Showit is a trademark of Your earnings may vary and are not guaranteed results. The testimonials are of real designers and are not paid but they put in the work.