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wedding and boudoir photographer

Suzanne Nevill

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Suzanne outgrew her current website and needed something to expand into her boudoir photography studio and her team of other photographers. Suzanne is a Photographer based in Colorado and she is a storyteller! Her work honestly says it all. I could sit and look through her galleries all day long! Working with Suzanne was a blessing for me as she knew exactly what she wanted. Suzanne is fantastic about her words and how she speaks to her audience as she is so very down to earth and energetic. You can see her full website here

Wedding & Boudoir Photographer 

suzanne Nevill

Dolly reached out to me. On June 19th and I remember reading her email like it was yesterday! I knew within minutes of reading her email that Dolly and I would be a perfect match. She was so organized in the way she asked her questions and wanted to really be educated on Brand Me Gorgeous’s process. I love to educate and when someone asks a lot of questions that shows they really care about their brand and business.

Dolly is a Photographer based in Nashville, TN (one of the most beautiful states in my option). Dolly has this amazing, big, funny, open and honest personality about her. She is very joyful and full of vibrancies. She believes in God and wants her clients to know that she treats everyone with love from her heart and respects everyone with all she has. We will bring all these little and big pieces together in her new brand and website.

Her logo has been digitally handmade and we have incorporated Dolly’s love for nature, and a reflection of what her clients can feel when they work with her. I chose to go with a watercolor design because Dolly loves watercolor.

wedding Photographer

Dolly Delong

Tiffany saw for a logo design that was elegant and pretty but fit with light and airy. We worked together to find the best font choices that fit the style and feel she was looking for and worked with natural colors to incorporate the overall brand that Tiffany has. 


Tiffany Jean

Ashley was one of my first clients ever. Ashley was an original showit desktop user (a website platform before showit5) So we moved her website over from Showit desktop to Showit5. Ashley's branding is based inside her Showit website rather than working the traditional route. I was also new to branding and web design, but to this day Ashley still loves her branding and website and I was so honored she believed in me! 


Ashley Loveless 

Alysia was my very fist paid branding project! I will never forget working with her because her vision was clear and how she works with her seniors is very much one on one. 

I loved the way she wanted her branding to be high end yet fun for her seniors. We went with a copper color logo that is shaped like the letter A to represent the name Alysia. 

High school senior photographer 

Alysia Marie 

Krista chose my highest package for branding as she wanted a lot of marketing material made to deliver to her clients.  She chose a mini session flyer, pricing guide, thank-you card, a brochure and a wedding shot list. 

Her brand is unique as she wanted to be not only high end but stand above her competition and be remembered.   


Krista Goff 

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