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White-label design services and business coaching for the creative designer who needs to thrive!

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Feeling overworked, burned out, or need help in your business? Then you're in the right place! Helping designers like you make more income with white-label design and streamline your process by outsourcing and working smart, not hard, is my jam! But, of course, what's also my jam is business coaching for designers. 

Let's empower you to take your creative career to the next level!

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I know I have been there, and now I'm here to help you! Whether you are looking for a designer to help you design faster, more effectively, and strategically, or you want my eyes on your business to give you results-driven resources, accountability, and so much more, you will thrive! 

You can finally stop stressing out about meeting deadlines, staying up to late, and working your bum off! 

You could spend more time than ever with your family and friends! 

You took on more clients... but did less work! 

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Are you a designer but feel you need more confidence in using Showit? Or you're an aspiring designer who has always dreamed of being a Showit designer. Now's your chance! Learn by doing with a 3 part course that takes you from building a Showit website from total scratch to turning those designs into templates. Then grow your business and learn how to work with clients. 

Gorgeous Designers 

FOR designers —



- Aimee

"I have been working with Mindy for a while, and I have to say it has been hands down the best thing I have ever done for my website design business. Everything Mindy has taught me has excelled my business and given me the confidence to step up my business practices while niching down my clients. It has also helped me overcome imposter syndrome, and now I have a business building showit websites I absolutely love!"


Get clarity on all things brand and website to push your business to thrive from the inside out by learning to dig deep and find your brand’s story. 

With this podcast, I deliver practical yet proven ways to grow your brand within your business. Once you start developing a plan of action and learn the inside scoop on building a connection with people, you will begin to thrive. 

I’ll be chatting about what goes into a website and how to make it simple yet gorgeous to turn those readers into buyers! 

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Do you want to learn how to develop Showit websites, create  your own brand and how to work with clients? Then, check out the Gorgeous Designers course and mentoring program! 

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