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Crystal River Florida Beach Photography Session at Hunter Springs Park With My New Sony A7II


Recently I decided it was time to update my cameras to full frame! I ended up getting a Sony a7II and a Canon 6d. Because these cameras where new to me I decided to offer a free session to get use to the cameras. These two children who are brother and sister where absolute pros at getting in front of the camera witch made it a lot easier for me to actually play with my new camera and settings.  We decided on Hunter Springs Park in Crystal River as I am also new to the area and don’t know a lot about locations in the area. I am glad we choose Hunter Springs though because it is a wonderful location.

I have photographed many children and these two where absolute angels! No funny faces at me or being shy. They were so respectful and comfortable with me. Oh and patient! Very patient because at the beginning of the session my camera decided not to focus at all. Turns out if you are using an adapter (La-Ea3 witch lets you adapt Sony a mount lenses to e mount lenses) they sometimes disconnect with the camera body or lens and you have to re-attach them to get a connection again. I am so so happy with both cameras! The Sony a7II is my camera and I bought the Canon 6d for my husband. He is my assistant and second shooter when we photography weddings. I am in LOVE with my new camera I love how it captures so much more detail then my older Sony did.

March 24, 2018




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