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Branding and Web Design for Photographers


My latest project this month was finishing up a custom Showit5 website and a new rebrand for Suzanne Nevill Photography. Your brand starts from the first second a potential client sees your business. And guess what? You only have about 5 seconds to grab that client’s attention, yikes right? Your brand starts with you! A brand is a combination of you and your business, how your business is run, how you want your customers to feel and see what you have to offer.

How does branding work?

First, this is accomplished with a visual connection with emotions.  Choosing the appropriate colors, fonts, and design elements consistent, to make your audience feel. My Mission is to always develop and build a gorgeous, powerful, and confident storytelling website. All while using an editorial and meaningful heartfelt approach, to showcase your lasting legacy to your clients. I want your website to be “that” website that someone else bookmarks for inspiration! And I want your audience to engage and connect with you!   So with Suzanne, I did just that!

Suzanne outgrew her current website and needed something to expand into her boudoir photography studio and her team of other photographers. Suzanne is a Photographer based in Colorado and she is a storyteller! Her work honestly says it all. I could sit and look through her galleries all day long! Working with Suzanne was a blessing for me as she knew exactly what she wanted. Suzanne is fantastic about her words and how she speaks to her audience as she is so very down to earth and energetic. You can see her full website here

Next, Suzanne also needed to define her business and rebrand to target her current market of engaged couples and ladies who want to love themselves again! So we did our homework and came up with a brand that truly reflects Suzanne as a person and Suzanne Nevill Photography.  A classic but elegant feel with black and gold and a blush tone to represent skin for boudoir and some blue/green colors to reflect those amazing Colorado seen’s!

February 11, 2019




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