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2 Brand New Showit Templates Now Available


I have just finished up creating 2 new showit templates to add to my shop! I am over the moon excited about adding these because unfortunately I am not able to sit down and create templates as often as I would like. As I am usually very busy with helping others create there websites with a custom design or using another designers template. So I have finally sat down and had some time to craft these templates!

Laura Lovely E-Commerce Showit Template

Laura Lovely has 9 pages and is the perfect e-commerce website with a matching WordPress blog. This gorgeous template features:

  • Homepage (wordpress option)
  • About
  • 5 Total Product Pages 
  • Contact Page 
  • Matching Blog Design 
  • Featured homepage wordpress section 
  • Sign Up form 
  • Reviews Section with click actions on the dots. 
  • Blog categories menu  

This site is easily customizable and would require you to have a Shopify Lite account to create your own buy now buttons. Shopify Lite is only $9.00 a month and very users friendly.

Showit features an easy drag & drop approach to designing and creating your website. You will be able to change colors, fonts, and remove any elements you do not want or even move them around.

You can view the site live here.

Vassalle is a Showit Website Template for Wedding Photographers who also do Portrait Photography.

This gorgeous template has features of:

Home, About, 2 Gallery pages with each gallery going to its own page, investment, investment, inquire, and the blog pages

  • 19 Total Pages 
  • Home
  • About
  • 2 Gallery pages Wedding & Portrait
  • 12 Gallery’s 
  • Investment Page
  • 2 Contact Pages one for Weddings and one for Portraits
  • Matching Blog Design 
  • Sign Up form 
  • Blog categories menu, blog search feature, blog share posts 

You can preview the site live here

The greatest feature about this template is that it is designed for you to focus on Wedding photography but still offer and showcase your portrait work to let your potential clients know you do both. It can be very frustrating trying to pick just one type of photography to offer. But I have designed this template with that in mind! I totally get it and I believe this template will have you off to a great start for showcasing your best work!

Buy Now HERE

November 27, 2019




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