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02 | Does your website have a website hook? Or the right hook?


Let's find out what a website hook is. How it works and why. Then learn how you can come up with your own. The goal here is to get readers to want to know more. Give them just enough information that hooks them in!  Show Highlights-  1. Learn what above the fold of a website means.  2. Define your target location or special keywords.  3. Don't overthink it and try to make it to creative. Keep it simple clear and on point.    Website | Join My Facebook Group | Join Here  Try Showit & Grab a Free Website Template | Grab Your Free Template Here 

Welcome to episode two. Does your website have a hook or the right hook? That’s what I talked about in this episode

I went over a website hook, why it works, and how to develop your own. So let’s dive in! 

First, what is a website hook? 

When I first heard that line, I was like, what? Does my website have that? You may be thinking the same thing here, and you may have one, or you may not, but either way, after this blog post, you’ll know what a website hook is, how it works, and why it works. 

A Website hook is your website copy, which is the copy that someone sees right away when they land on your website. Most websites have a larger copy, called a title copy, that appears above the fold. And that title usually explains what you’re trying to convey to your audience. So this title copy on the homepage of your website should be your website hook.

Now let’s talk about why it works. 

When somebody lands on your website and sees, plus read what it says, that can do two things for them. Number one, it can bring them in and get them to read more. Or number two, it can pull them away from your website. 

A quick tip: Pull them in by asking a question or a statement that is unique to your business and what you do. 

Let’s have a look at some hook Examples: 

Above the fold, It says, “create a website that books the clients you love.” That’s an obvious hook that tells us we can create a website that will book us clients, and we will love it. Simple. Clear. To the Point. 

Right above the fold, first thing when you land on their site, it says, “design emails people love to open.” Very similar to Showit because instead of websites, it’s design emails people love to open. Again this is simple, clear, and to the point. 

How can you get creative and come up with your own website hook? 

I recommend and tell my clients to get out a pen and a piece of paper, a good old-fashioned notebook, and start writing. Write in 2 or 3 columns and create sections to break down: But first, Answer these three questions for yourself. 

1. What do you do? 

2. Who do you do it for? 

3. And if you’re a location business, where are you located?

Now you can create a list below that reflects your ideal clients based on keywords (SEO keywords would be ideal) to come up with your website hook. 


  • Wedding Photographer for couples who are looking to have photos on their wedding day
  • Break it down further here. 
  • I take photos
  • Camera
  • wedding 
  • engaged 
  • couples 
  • love
  • Florida 

The hook could say: Getting married and need a wedding photographer in Florida? Your keywords are going to, depending on what you do. And if you are a location-based business, please remember to add that. Also, remember to mix the hook with your brand’s tone and what works best. 

Have fun and create your website hook! 

January 3, 2023




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