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Sneak Peek of branding for Dolly DeLong Photography LLC


Dolly reached out to me, on June 19th and I remember reading her email like it was yesterday! I knew within minutes of reading her email that Dolly and I would be a perfect match.  She was so organized in the way she asked her questions and wanted to really be educated on Brand Me Gorgeous’s process.  I love to educate and when someone asks a lot of questions that shows they really care about their brand and business.

Dolly was not completely ready to start her new journey with us until August 22nd but we kept in touch and emailed each other back and forth answering small but important details and most of all we got to know each other and build a trusting relationship!

Dolly is a Photographer based in Nashville, TN (one of the most beautiful states in my option). I also love Tennessee people! If you have never been to Tennessee I really, hope someday you do. I love the yes mam, no mam, holding the door open for you and the good morning’s you get at the gas stations. Oh and the views, I could go on and on about the views.

Dolly has this amazing, big, funny, open and honest personality about her.  She is very joyful and full of vibrancies. She believes in God and wants her clients to know that she treats everyone with love from her heart and respects everyone with all she has. We are going to bring all these little and big pieces together in her new brand and website.

Dolly DeLong Photography LLC

Her logo has been digitally handmade and we have incorporated Dolly’s love for nature, and a reflection of what her clients can feel when they work with her. I chose to go with a watercolor design because Dolly loves watercolor. I started by drawing on paper first then moving to watercolor on paper. Then I uploaded the design to my computer and finished it off with some digital elements  and hand drawn digital layers adding to the design until I felt it was just enough but not too much in the seen.

Her branding board is almost complete and her website is still to come!

September 28, 2018




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