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Optimizing you’re Showit website for SEO. The do’s and don’ts.

April 9, 2020

  1. Crystal says:

    I loved this! Thank you! Can you please clarity what you mean when you said “put a block over a word…”

    Do you mean put a shape under the text as “decor” but it will help not mess up SEO?

    I’m super new with this stuff…thanks!

    • mvassalle says:

      Hi Crystal,

      To clarify your question “put a block over a word” I am referring to typing out the full sentence in Showit first, then you can add a retectange in Showit over a word and change the color to match the background. Then you can add a cursive word over the box to make it look like a full complete sentence but in 2 different types of fonts. Just make sure you change the font that is over the block to “div” tag in the text properties panel in Showit. That way it will not read as text in the code for SEO. If you want a video I can absolutely create one for you.


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