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The Project Scope

Balanced Livermore Chiropractic is a brand-new Chiropractic office in Livermore, CA. I worked closely with Hannah and her husband, Nic, the Doc. Hannah already has a website on Showit for her photography business, so she knew that Showit was a fantastic platform but needed someone who knew the medical space. I have built three other websites on Showit for Doctors, so she knew I was a great fit after she saw my work! 

Visual Direction
The visual direction was very much different than the normal medical branding you would see. Instead, we went with something more modern and down-to-earth with a softer vibe that makes clients feel cared for and safe. 

Balanced Livermore Chiropractic 


Brand Suite




Chiropractic  /  Healing / CALIFORNIA  /  advanced rehabilitative /  MYOFASCIAL RELEASE / Rehabilitation



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