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- Whitney Odolo

"I am so excited! What I will learn from the custom website design 1 client will pay for this course and then some." 

"Yesterday I got my first confirmed client. I shared what I designed to some friends and they shared to people they knew and now I'm in business. Four people reached out to me. I spoke with 1 yesterday and she confirmed for sure that she would be moving forward with me to design her a website (beginning on the 17th) and then I have a call with a potential client today who is interested in the template I was working on (the one I finished today)"


"Everything Mindy has taught me has excelled my business and given me the confidence to step up my business practices while niching down my clients. It has also helped me overcome imposture syndrome, and now I have a business building showit websites I absolutely love!"


"I am literally BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this course is from Mindy! It outlines everything and more in the Showit web design platform and I went from throwing in the towel multiple times, to feeling like a boss!"