Certified Showit Design Parter and Educator, Canva Creator, and Honeybook Educator. 

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 A design service intended to go over your to-do, wants, and needs list—without taking weeks or months.

& website help


get uniquely 




from a million DETAILS to one collective site

Let's make sure your SEO is set up properly with good H tags, page titles and descriptions 

Let's check your content for good copy, site flow, organization and  conversion 

Mobile optimization, click actions properly set up, spacing issues and overlapping content 

Here are some examples of what a VIP day could include 

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  • Sales Page design
  • shop page design
  • extra  web pages designed
  • website refresh
  • Blog re-design 
  • Template customization
  • membership INTEGRATION 

What I can help with: 

Full Showit template customization up to 6 pages

Website updates & integrations, and add ons  

Full blog design and set up 

Shop integration and set up  

Full sales pages 

Example of What can be done in a day

Are you ready to hand off your website to-do list and let me do the heavy lifting for you? 

30 -60 min zoom call

Your checklist 

Your homework/content 

Your vip day. Done! 

Step 1- Fill out the form. Tell me more about what areas of your site you want help with.

Step 2- Check your email for a follow up and we will set up a day and time to due a zoom strategy call. 

Step 4- Book your design day and due any homework if needed before your design day. 

Step 5- On design day I will apply all the changes and corrections! You will have 2 rounds of revisions for corrections.  

and what you get

here's how it works

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"I found Brand Me Gorgeous on the Showit FB group and reached out to her after taking the Showit template as far as I could. She was very warm and supportive and I felt she understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. Mindy was able to pick up where I lelt off and finish my web site quickly. She saved me time and frustration and I have also enlisted her services on other projects such as SEO and advertising materials"


"Mindy is my fairy godmother. I had so many issues with my website (built by another designer) and it was a very stressful time trying to understand why my site wasn't working as it should. Mindy uncovered a lot of issues in the site build, SEO, site structure and came in and took all the stress away. She is super responsive to messages, delivers exactly what she promises and REALLY knows her stuff. If you're looking for support on your ShowIt site, or SEO assistance look no further - Mindy is your girl. "  



Ready to get started? Let's book your VIP day!

All revisions are completed and the work is launched or given in digital format if it's not a website. 

Launch & files

This day is reserved for you to have a look at all the work I have done and make any revisions. 

Day after VIP

I'll jump in and do all the work you need for the day. We will have an Asana board to communicate and when I am finished I will let you know that it is time to review. 


Before your VIP day we will do the prep work and gatter all the information and content needed to be ready to go by your VIP day.

Prep work 

All VIP days require at least 1 zoom call to go over your needs and to-do list so that we can work together and you can get answers to any and all your questions.


Reserve your day by signing a Statement of work and paying 50%  of your invoice on the day you sign. The remaining 50% is due on your VIP day 

Book your day

A successful VIP day will depend greatly on you providing all the necessary content before the booked VIP day. This ensures for a smooth day and will provide the best results.    

Let's get started

1 or day days


Maybe you don't need much assistance, but want help setting up your SEO, or help with just the blog. Think maybe one or two areas of your site that you wish to get help with. 


1/2 day rate 

Perfect for small tweaks and website corrections like checking over the site and making sure everything is connected. Or even just adding in a few extra galleries or launching your blog. 


Hourly flat rate


Looking for a bit more help and want a longer list of details complete? Maybe you want the whole website looked over, plus help with rearranging things, correcting spacing and overlapping errors ext... 


full day rate 

so what's the price...

to me.

write your website CONCERNS  

Let's get started

I only require you to be available part of the day, not the whole day. So if I have questions, I can ask them all towards the end of the day. My VIP days are two days in total. The first day is when I do all the designing and the second day is when we do the revisions. Sometimes it overlaps, but everything is done in 2 days, and you will need to respond within a few hours of me asking any questions.  

Do I need to be available on the day of my VIP day? 


A VIP day can be used for a ton of different design needs. I can design sales pages, pricing pages, unique pages, and even an entire website (as long as it is five pages or less). In addition, VIP days can be for website refreshes or even significant design changes and so much more. 

What can a VIP day be used for? 


Yes, everything can usually be done within one day. However, if your design needs will take a little longer than a day, I will let you know before you book. Also, if your VIP day is incomplete for unforeseen reasons, it will be done the following day.  

Can you get everything done in a day? What if it takes longer? 


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