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Certified with a seamless process from start to finish. Full projects are done in a month and small projects a week or less!   


You're a busy entrepreneur that got caught up in running your biz and now it's running you!


Work with me one on one by phone, email or video chat. 


You weren't made to be a Showit designer, but you were BORN to run a business with it!

Since 2017 I have helped 100's of creatives gain the confidence in showing their website to the world! I don't just help you, I also show you.

A template customization is a service where I take your template you purchased from me or another designer, and I replace all the content with your very own. 


Everything you need from replacing images, website text content, replace fonts, colors, and galleries. Even launching your site with the techy stuff like domain issues and wordpress blogging.

Plus, 30 days of support plus a personalized how to video to know how to use your website for the future.  

I also will change any layout by rearranging the order, adding new pages, if need be, and customizing the menus, footer, header, and contact form.

I will replace all photos in the template with yours. 
I will replace the current brand colors and fonts with your brands aesthetics.  

We will take the demo text and replace it with your text and information.

Timeline: 4 weeks
Investment: $1500 

Showit Template Customization 

services for

book a call
Website strategy zoom session. 

Swapping out all images, replacing copy, connecting an email campaign, adding your brand, and helping you get an essential brand set up with new colors, fonts, and a logo. 

Setting up the blog, connecting blog categories, and creating them. Migrating an existing blog. 

Setting up basic SEO for all pages and so much more...


Onboarding is the process of creating a workspace to house all of the project details. This workspace is inside a program called Asana. Don't worry if you have never used Asana. I do a video that walks you through the space and how to use it.   



Booking is the easy part. I send over a proposal with a Statement of Work contract that outlines the project and what your service includes. I require 50% to be paid upfront and the remaining balance three weeks later. 



Before booking, I would love to learn more about your business, what you do, and if you purchased a template, which one. I also ask detailed questions about your plans and goals for the new website template. 

Discovery Call


The Discovery

Now that we have our to-do list, you will have homework that will involve gathering your images and writing your website copy (or, if hiring a copywriter, provide me with the document they wrote). 

Your homework


We take the call that we had together and use that as our guide in setting up tasks and creating a list to complete to gather all the content needed for the website.  

Content to-do list


An effective way to find out how to achieve the website goals you want to make is with a strategy call. This is where I help you decide what pages, sections, content, and more should be used to make the most conversion within your site. 

Strategy call


Photos and your photography are essential in building a connection with your audience and giving them the best visual of your website. Most clients let me choose the best images for each area of the site. Then once the images are in, I record a video for you to understand how to SEO your site images. I do all on-page SEO for you except the photos. 

Images & SEO


Next, I will make sure to rename any navigation menus and pages to go with the plan we put in place for your site. This is also where I rearrange any sections better to fit your goals for the site flow and function.  

Connecting links


I begin customizing your website template by editing the brand colors and fonts. This ensures your website to aline with your brand's style and vibe so we can, of course, brand you gorgeous! 

Site Branding & Text


Last is lunch day! We celebrate and hit publish! You have 30 days after launch day to request additional assistance if you get suck with anything or see any issues. 



Before we launch the website, we will hop on a Zoom call and do a walk-through-call. This call is to revise any last-minute tweaks and show you how to swap out images, change text, work the blog on WordPress and Showit, and so much more. 

Walk through call


If you currently have a blog, this is when I request your blog migration to be done, as I send out a request to Showit on your behalf. If you don't have a current blog and would like one, I request a new one for you. Once completed I set it up for you.  

Blog Migration


- Robin Jones 

"Working with Mindy was an absolute pleasure! I cannot believe how fast she completed my site and how well she executed what I was trying to convey through my website. My website is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier. The whole process was made seamless by the process and tools that she has in place and the experience could not have been any simpler and pleasant. I highly recommend her services."


"Honestly, from the beginning of being referred to Mindy, she was willing and ready to tackle my website needs. After one design and deciding to switch it up and remove a few things, she was very patient, responsive and on point with every change. I am definitely going to use her again for any updates or changes. She made the process so easy and she is a light overall, so I would recommend her again and again!"


"Mindy showed talent, insight, patience and excellent follow up during this whole process. I was pleased that we could view the site bit by bit as she constructed it. This gave us the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes according to our vision. We truly have never had a website that represents our company more than the site that Mindy produced." 

Kind words from women just like you



Lead Designer of Forge



"Mindy is my fairy godmother. I had so many issues with my website (built by another designer) and it was a very stressful time trying to understand why my site wasn't working as it should. Mindy uncovered a lot of issues in the site build, SEO, site structure and came in and took all the stress away. She is super responsive to messages, delivers exactly what she promises and REALLY knows her stuff. If you're looking for support on your ShowIt site, or SEO assistance look no further - Mindy is your girl. "  


"This woman is phenomenal! By far, the best website building experience I've had. She got the job done quickly, beautifully, and well within my budget. Her personal skills and work integrity made this an immeasurable experience for me! Thank you, Mindy Vassalle for Branding Me Gorgeous!"


"I found Brand Me Gorgeous on the Showit FB group and reached out to her after taking the Showit template as far as I could. She was very warm and supportive and I felt she understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. Mindy was able to pick up where I lelt off and finish my web site quickly. She saved me time and frustration and I have also enlisted her services on other projects such as SEO and advertising materials"

WHAT past clients are saying

Yep! I help with almost every single square inch of your site. The only exception is that I do not do anything outside of Showit. For example, I do not create your shop products or signup forms but will sign in to an account to embed them. If you need things created outside of Showit that would be considered outside the scope and extra. 

How much customizing do you do? Do you really help me with everything? 


I can work with any Showit template. I have done tons of Tonic templates; I have also worked with Northfolk, With Grace and Gold, Davey & Krista, Elizabeth Mccravy, and The Autumn Rabbit, to name a few and many more. 

Does the template have to be your template? What if I already have one? 


You bet! That's why I have discovery calls. I can give you all the 411 and answer all your questions on a discovery call to help you make the best decision in moving forward, and the best part is I am honest. I will tell you if Showit is not the best fit for your business and if it is, I will provide options for the best templates to choose from that I know will be the best fit. 

I want to switch to Showit, but I don't know if I should or how this will affect my SEO. I need to figure out what template to get. Do you help with that? 

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Certified Showit Design Parter and Educator, Canva Creator, and Honeybook Educator. 

HELLO. I'm Mindy