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Be your own designer and learn to create the site you want!

How to Build & Launch your own Website 

Showit Secrets 

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Gain the confidence to build in Showit with a complete step-by-step actionable, easy-to-understand video course. Watch, then create. Grasp Showit and website lingo, join a welcoming business owner community, and get personalized help with group coaching. 


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Ask all the questions you need with an actual website coach with the answers! 

Taking an in-depth course that has you learning by doing

Choosing different templates to try with options to see which one is the best fit

WHAT IF A getting a website could look like:

You don't have to hire a designer


another way

there is 

What friend?

But Guess

been there.


Be professional online and, yes, even offline (because your followers will brag you up). Turn heads and start giving your dream business the best first impression that cohesively blends with your brand's experience. Be personal and build a connection that shows you're the expert and can be trusted.

From start to style to growth!

Create your dream website that's just as gorgeous as the services or products you offer.

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Watch me behind the scenes explain and show you how to design your brand by combining the relationship with color meanings, font options, brand images, and more. Then learn how to use my website workbook to plan your website. Finally, you will be off to learn Showit like a pro and design your own website from any of my templates included in the course. 

A brand & Website course program

Introducing Showit Secrets 

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Training on website copy and SEO so you never have to worry about what should go on your website

Learn website strategies, and gain access to all my templates to use included with this course 

How to brand yourself and attract your ideal clients 

This course is for you if you want to learn

Premade branding options
18 Website templates to choose from
A master showit course
Coaching Community
Tools & Bonuses


the course includes —

course outlines

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Together we will break down the branding process in bite-size lessons that are to the point. Let's set the sense and plug and play your business story and goals and implement your findings into the plug-in-play pre-designed templates you can edit.  

All About Brading

module one

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A website can only convert with a clear strategy, selling, and compelling words. And you don't have to be a copywriter to understand or write. It's more about delivering your words in order and on brand that will make you stand out, attract, and convey. 

Copy & Strategy

module Two

on to the next

This is where the real creativity comes in! Learn how to edit a Showit website in just a few weeks by customizing a template to be on-brand! Showit is easy to use with no coding or design degree. Create what you love; build what you want. The possibilities are endless! Each lesson will uncover all your website questions and have you become a master of your own website.  

Master Showit

Module Three

Paper Jane


Palm Bay


In vogue 

The lyon

The Templates to Choose From

Yours, totally included.

Palm Wellness

gorgeous podcast

soulful women


Anabelle Elizabeth 


Mindy Heart

Bold & Beautiful

White Diamond

Beautiful Beach



Over 45 Brands To Choose From

Yours, totally included.

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Take the master Showit course and customize your website template like a pro. Then launch it to grow!


customize & launch

Next, start customizing your website. Choose from any of my library's designs, or purchase one from any designer or the Showit store.  


choose your template

Before diving in, learn how to develop your brand and website content with a solid action plan. Then, get the big picture of a clear strategy.  

from start to style to done

How it Works


pick your brand

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If you have 1-2 hours a week to spare and want to launch your own website I would love to share more information with you.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because here's the thing only some have the same story to tell or the same kind of business. I created this course and the resources to cover a variety of business niches. 

The course is self-paced; however, three months is average. It's a good pace without feeling overwhelmed. 

This course is a good fit for anyone starting an online presence, a new business, or who currently has a website but needs to put more energy and thought into it and wants a website that will make them money. 

You can mix and match templates. With the website templates, there is a limit to one website URL connected per course cost. If you want to launch additional websites, you need to contact me to pay for the template separately. 

Additional questions can be asked by contacting me directly on my contact page here. 

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Say goodbye to purchasing a template with little guidance on planning your launch for success, and say hello to a complete program that has it all! 

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