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Don't need a full setup? No problem. Just need some last minute tweaks or link corrections. Maybe just a once over to make sure everything is aligned and working properly? Or maybe you just need the mobile site only. I offer hourly services at $85.00 an hour. 

starting at $85.00

showit hourly services

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I can help you get a website make over and get your site launched in as little as 2 weeks!! Let me help you covert your templates content and appearance into your own cohesive brand! We will collaborate and get all the functions of your site going and fully operating. 

starting at $685

Showit template 

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Showit Design Partner Here! 

A template customization is a service where I take your template that you purchased from me or another designer and I replace all of the content with your very own; Like your text and information, photos and your brand colors and text. You provide the information and I change the entire site from start to finish being exactly how you want it to be. 

So what exactly  is a template Customization? 

I'm here to help take away all your stress! I will be your new website BFF for life and you will never ever have to worry about changing your website on your own ever again, if you don't want to. And in the future should you want to be able to upload and change your own images and copy you totally can do so.

I get it and I am here to help you stop stressing.

That's because your no website guru and ain't nobody got time for that. No one has any time to mess around and waist on learning a new program. After all it's already taking you weeks just to figure out your best images you want to showcase. Not to mention the copy, your process, your pricing. It's already a list and it's starting to really feel overwhelming and its stressing you out! 

am I right or am I right? 

Yeah, I see you over there rolling your eyes and laughing out loud at that one. Not only are you finding this whole website thing to not be any fun. Your also not finding it an easy process and at this point your ready to throw your dang computer out the window. 

Make a website they said. It will be fun they said. 

to this

go from this

I do that too. 

Need design services like a full pricing guide? 

I don't blame you! And there is nothing wrong with creating your own website should you choose to do so. However sometimes you need a little help getting there. I love teaching Showit and would love to show you! 

Want to know how to work Showit yourself? 

Then this service is going to be perfect for you. The WordPress blog working with Showit can be confusing. I am here to help you get it all working smoothly.  

Need help with just your blog and connecting everything?

If you just need someone to go through your website and correct a little bit of spacing, alignment, and link issues then this services is perfect. Why pay someone tons of money when you don't have to. 

Smaller projects under the advantage of 5 hours. 

$85.00 hour & One one Showit screen share

hourly and screen share services

Now the fun begins.. You will gather all your website  content of text and images and ill start putting them all within the website. You will be able to see your site every step of the way as I move along and you will have every opportunity to request changes as we go. 

getting started


Next I will take the detailed action plan and put it into an invoice and a Statement of Work contract. You will know exactly what to expect from me and why I will expect from you. 50% of the total is due an the day of the signed SOW and the remaining 50% is due on or before Launch day. 

payment & SOW


Once you fill out the contact form you will hear back from me usually within an hour or so. I will ask you some more questions and we will chat about exactly what you looking for and I will come up with a detailed action plan. 



Fill out the Contact Form and let me know what template you are using, what stage you are at with the template and all the little details you would like me to know. 



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The process

$85.00 hr for small projects 
$45.00 for larger projects 

Spacing and overlapping corrections, connecting all links, help with the blog, help with the galleries, creating new pages, mobile design, help with sign up forms, and more... 

can includes

showit hourly services


Includes Page by Page: fonts and color replacements • customizing site text • headers & footers • social media links • click action corrections and redirection • gallery set up • Instagram widgets  • video walk through + 30 days after site launch support

with no blog

full template customization


Includes Page by Page: fonts and color replacements • customizing site text • headers & footers • social media links • click action corrections and redirection • gallery set up • Instagram widgets • blog migrations • video walk through + 30 days after site launch support

with WOrdpress blog