Finally, everything you need from replacing images, website text content, replace fonts, colors, and galleries. And even help launching your site with the techy stuff like domain issues and WordPress blogging. Right at your fingertips. 


Showit Template Customization Services

GET help with showit

Add additional pages, rearrange site to fit your needs, apply SEO, legal pages, connect the blog, and a complete website walk-through call  

Replacement all branding elements like, colors, fonts and graphics if need be

Replacement of all photos with your photos.

Replacement of all text with your text.

Turned into our work

Your homework 

A template customization is a service where we take your template you purchased from us or another designer, and we then replace all the content with your very own. 

Template Customization Process 

If you need help with figuring out what content needs to be on your website and why, SEO is important to you, and staying
legal is your thing! Then this package is
for you!

gorgeous package $2,800

option C

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For the business owner who needs SEO but yet, has the vision of the design and content already laid out but needs assistance in adding all that content into the template.

pretty package $2280

option B

book here

book here

Best fit for the creative who needs a website but does not need or mind having no SEO done. But does want a fully functional website that is gorgeous!

lovely package $1,500

option A

 package options

Template customization

We will provide your website with a detailed sitemap to give each page a clear goal and a good SEO plan.

You fill out the website strategy workbook & or a zoom call.

Included in Package:


Step one

We will setup your sites color palette, your brand fonts, and add your logos and brand elements to the site. 

You provide your branding files and fonts plus colors 

Included in Package:

Brand Setup 

Step two

We will create you a custom brand with 1. main logo 2. alternative sub logo 3. brand fonts 4. brand color pallet 

You provide answers to our brand questionnaire strategy  

Included in Package:

Custom Brand 

We will save download your images and compress and save them for best practices then place them into your gallery within your website. 

You provide your website images and or portfolio (example case studies or work examples)

Included in Package:


Step three

We take your site images and compress the sizes for best practices. We also revise your wording (if requested) and add it to the website and any forms & link all your social media.

You provide your website content like site images, all the wording, any embedded forms and more

Included in Package:


Step four

We will design the 2 pages to match your existing site design and keep it on brand, plus implement all the pages content. 

You give us all the information we will need to design & fill out 2 custom pages

Included in Package:

custom pages

Step five

We do some basic SEO research for your target market and key words. We also set up all page titles, page descriptions and assist with an SEO guide. 

You fill out the SEO questionnaire 

Included in Package:


Step six

We create you additional pages  for terms of use, privacy policy, and cookies pop up. 

You fill out some basic questions about your business

Included in Package:

Legal Pages

Step seven

We will then set up your blog categories in both Showit & WordPress to connect them. We we also plug in a few blog posts together or we will recorded doing so and send you the video.

One of the last steps is the blog set up. You will need to provide us with your blog categories & up to 10 blog posts. 

Included in Package:


Step eight

We will setup and point your domain for you and make it live! 

You provide your domain login info. 

Included in Package:

Domain Set up 

Step nine

We will walk you through your new website and show you some basics of how to swap out images, replace or add text and answer all your questions about your new website. 

You join a zoom call.

Included in Package:

Site walk-through 

Step ten

2-8 weeks depending on your schedule and how much time you need to gather your homework. You will given up to 3 weeks for your content. The sooner you get the content together the sooner the timeline will be.  


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We are not copywriters and therefor can not offer full copywriting services; however we can assist with suggestions on rewording or topics in general.  


If you need a full shop or a course set up with your website we can offer assistance to you for an additional fee. We can build your course right within Showit using Bravenet password protect. This is a very low cost monthly fee of $7.99 and that is basically all you will need. 

full shop or course set up

If you currently don't have a domain name or a Showit account those will need to be purchased separately.  A domain name can be purchases from google domains or any other domain host. Your website will be hosted on and with Showit and you will need to purchase a Showit subscription  from them. 

Domain and Hosting

Website templates are sold separately and are not included in our template customization service. 

website template

What's Not included?