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HOW TO Diy your showit website 

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Launch with Mindy


So looking back I wrote down all my struggles on good old fashioned pen and paper.  And I turned those notes into the focus of this course!
What that means is I have designed this course with you in mind! I am going to walk you through step by step of how to find your way around Showit and most importantly learn the Showit lingo! Yes, there are terms used to describe specific features and functions inside Showit and if you don't know what they are called then the struggle for you may be even harder.  Let's get you unstuck and learning your way around like a pro! 

I bet you might even be past tired at this point because you really just want to get your website done! After all it's been on that long list of to-do's that you have laying on your desk and you just stare at it every day. You know the constant reminder that it just driving you crazy.  I get it! In fact I was once there! Yes, even though I am a designer, I wasn't always one and I had to start somewhere just like you! And that's the reason I created Launch with Mindy. 

I remember when I first started using Showit5. I was completely lost and in fact I couldn't even find my way around.  I would see something on my template preview url and then go in Showit to edit it and I couldn't even find it! Yicks! I mean how am I going to edit this site if I can't even find what I need to change and design?  

feeling stuck? 

are you tired of

Mobile side a hot mess? I'm laughing with you not at you. We will cover that to! 

But what your tried is not working or you're confused?  That's common and i'll teach you how to get it working! 

That's because it's hidden in some settings. But no worries i'll show you! 

This course is broken down into small videos to save time!

04. You're mobile site, ha ha enough said.

03. You want A working blog, and galleries.  

02. You can't figure out how to link things? 

01. you don't have time? 

Let me guess?

I'm Mindy Vassalle a Showit Certified designer and I'll be your course instructor. Since 2017 I have helped 100's of Showit users with getting their site set up and going live.  

I understand the most complicated Showit struggles and issues and I have put them all together to teach you how to fix it yourself!  

Who am I? 

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Over 15 plus total videos with topics; 

Showit lingo, how to navigate around, types of canvases, showit library, design settings, replacing content, learn how the galleries work, click actions, pop-ops, adding pages, adding canvases, the contact form, all about the blog and more...

What the course includes

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