Pre designed brands include main logo, secondary logo, logo mark, color pallet, font bundle, and brand identity guide. 

Budget friendly brand identity kits customized to your business 

semi - custom brands 

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For photographers, floral designers or any wedding professional. 

Sara Lake is designed to have a feminine vibe that is soft and elegant.  

Feminine Brand 


Sara Lake

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Main Logo

Secondary Logo

Logo Mark

Color Palette 

Font Guide 

Brand Identity Guide  


You need brand authority like yesterday, but your current budget doesn't aline with a custom brand. No problem. we're excited to introduce our new semi-custom branding identity kits. 

A simi=custom brand is a pre-made design that has already been designed, but is made to customize and aline with your business goals and needs.

The benefits of a semi- custom brand

Paper Jane is a simple, clean but yet bold brand tone to let your audience know you are a leader in what you do.  This brand will never go out of style and serve you for many years to follow. 


Paper Jane

Carrie Lane works well for any boudoir photographer or any brand thats target audience is women. This brand vibe is classic but modern with a slight hint of of boldness to it to represent power. 


Carrie Lane

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For photographers, floral designers or any wedding professional. 

Sugar floral  is elegant and timeless to showcase your brand to reflect the gorgeous wedding industry. 

Feminine Brand 


Sugar Floral

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For coaches or VA's or anyone who services Soulful women. 

This brand was designed for women who are passionate about what they do and who they serve. 

Feminine Brand 


Soulful Women

Lastly you will receive a proof  of what the constitution will look like  and receive one round of revisions. After approval your brand files will be delivered!   

Revise & your files

Next you will be sent a questionnaire that will provide the information needed to customize your brand kit. Once we receive your completed questionnaire we will customize everything for you.  


Choose from the collection of already built pre-designed brand kits, then checkout and make your payment. Once your order is placed the experience begins.

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semi - custom brand experience 

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