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my must have list

Let's face it being a business owner is a lot of hard work! And in order to stay on top of your marketing efforts and make your business run smoothly and effective tools are an important part of the process.  I'm going to share my must have list of tools and resources I use to run my own business as well as anything I have in the past worked with. Please note some of these links may be an affiliate link. 

Migration tool to allow a wix website blog to move to Showit. Currently Showit does not support Wix migrations but with the use of this tool it can be done!  


Instagram embed a live feed on your website. Allowing you to gain more followers. 


Gorgeous email campaign to  send freebies and or collect email addresses for newsletters and offers.


Client management software to organize, get payments, sign contracts, except booking appointments and so much more.     


If you have or want a simple store that integrates with just a buy now button then shopify lite would be the go to. 

Shopify lite

Integration with en embed codes. 

Use a buy not buttons & or  embed a full shop with categories and options at checkout for add ons.  

Lock pages with a password protection. Great for Courses on Showit or anything you want to give password access to. 


Below is a list of tools that you can use with Showit for various functions. Please note that some may be affiliate links. 

for showit sites 

Resources & tools