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Learn the exact way I develop a brand and set up a showit website to grow so you can do the same!

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My programs are designed to close the gap between DIY design and hiring a designer.... because the truth is not everyone has designer money.

Experience growth And eliminate overwhelm 

Gain an understanding of all the brand and website lingo and how to use it to your advantage 

Help you sort out your goals and define them so that you can launch successfully 

Provide you with the necessary tools and education to launch your brand online the right way the first time 

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Need a Showit website and want to DIY with help? Showit Secrets is the perfect fit. This program will take you from mastering Showit to designing your website. Options from my library inside the program include your choice of full website templates plus pre-designed branding templates. Combined with an easy-to-follow course and group training that helps you start, style, and launch a website all on your own. So save money, be your designer, and build the site you want! 

Showit Secrets 

FOR creative showit users —

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now enrolling!

Are you a designer but feel you need more confidence in using Showit? Or you're an aspiring designer who has always dreamed of being a Showit designer. Now's your chance! Learn by doing with a 3 part course that takes you from building a Showit website from total scratch to turning those designs into templates. Then grow your business and learn how to work with clients. 

Gorgeous Designers

FOR designers —

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Want to learn how to use some of the programs I use to run this business? Now you can! I have created a series of mini-courses that cover exact topics and programs like Honeybook set up. How to set up a shop with Showit and more. 

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From start to style to growth get a brand that books! 

Custom Brand Development 

A website tailored uniquely to match your exact needs and must haves!  

Custom Showit website

Make more money and save time in your design business.

COMMERCIAL use templates & showit Courses

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A done-for-you design service to get your website launched in days, not months! 

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Custom Design 

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Hourly showit support or full template CUSTOMIZATIONS 


Get clarity on all things brand and website to push your business to thrive from the inside out by learning to dig deep and find your brand’s story. 

With this podcast, I deliver practical yet proven ways to grow your brand within your business. Once you start developing a plan of action and learn the inside scoop on building a connection with people, you will begin to thrive. 

I’ll be chatting about what goes into a website and how to make it simple yet gorgeous to turn those readers into buyers! 

The brand me gorgeous show

Live with Mindy


- Whitney Odolo

"I am so excited! What I will learn from the custom website design 1 client will pay for this course and then some." 

"Yesterday I got my first confirmed client. I shared what I designed to some friends and they shared to people they knew and now I'm in business. Four people reached out to me. I spoke with 1 yesterday and she confirmed for sure that she would be moving forward with me to design her a website (beginning on the 17th) and then I have a call with a potential client today who is interested in the template I was working on (the one I finished today)"


"Everything Mindy has taught me has excelled my business and given me the confidence to step up my business practices while niching down my clients. It has also helped me overcome imposture syndrome, and now I have a business building showit websites I absolutely love!"


"I am literally BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this course is from Mindy! It outlines everything and more in the Showit web design platform and I went from throwing in the towel multiple times, to feeling like a boss!" 

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Is Showit for you? Give it a try for yourself. Download the template Roxann built to convert with many calls to action! Plus, a podcast and shop page. 

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Do you want to learn how to develop Showit websites, create  your own brand and how to work with clients? Then, check out the Gorgeous Designers course and mentoring program! 

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