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 A single story can inspire, empower, and connect people. That's your story, win hearts and minds and influence the ideas of others. My mission is to build stylish, modern websites and brand that focus on brand authority. It's my job to know what will happen next in the design industry and to embrace it to create, discover, and explore what's possible for you. 

Darling, you're gorgeous, so why shouldn't your brand and website reflect the same?

Let's dive in

You may have outgrown your do-it-yourself or long-time logo design, and it's not conveying the high-end quality of services or products you offer. On the other hand, maybe you don't even have a logo yet. Let's fix that! 

Because your business deserves to be seen and remembered.

Let's build you a website & Brand

Photography also greatly influences the brand's overall vibe and target audience.  

These visuals include color theory (matching color to show a meaning or feeling). Font selection to showcase the feel and look that again matches the brand message and vibe. 

The long version- is a visual representation of your company and how you express your business with a mix of visuals like colors and photographs, words, values, and an experience for your customers. 

Every brand develops and changes over time after a business experiences ups and downs and can learn more about who it can serve and how they are going to do its best. The first and most crucial aspect of any brand is strategy. Strategy is used to determine who the ideal clients are for the business and how to target them. This is done with a series of questions and answers. Next, a designer (me) will study these answers and match them with the right visuals to showcase the brand's message and meaning. 

The short version: A brand is a visual representation of your company

Let's talk about how a brand is fully developed

What is a brand?


Balanced Livermore


Christian Villacorta


Nicole Fehr


Leslie Gilbert 


Pamela Krista





Launching- The launching phase is where we will get your blog set up & or migrated, hosting taken care of, website URL forwarded to Showit (no worries, I do all of this for you), and we showcase your gorgeous brand and new website! 

website & brand launched

Website design- After we have a plan of action, I'll start with creating the homepage only. Then it will need your approval before designing the rest of the site. This way, you will have a very set design style that we can flow throughout the rest of the site. 

website design phase

Website strategy phase- Just like your brand, your website will need a solid strategy to keep readers on your site for conversion and to make that sale. We start with the design and develop a path for your website to take visitors from the homepage to a contact page to book a service or a product page to sell.  

website phase discovery

Branding Phase- Your brand will begin using a one-concept method, and we will tweak everything together to provide you with a complete primary logo design, a secondary logo, a color pallet, and typography. 

Branding phase & DELIVERABLES 

Design - Phase one is where the fun begins. I review all your brand question worksheet answers and my notes from the strategy session and build a mood board for you to review. This way, you can see the very beginning of the visuals come to life to ensure we are on the right track.

design phase one 

Phase One- Pre-branding discovery Phase: This is where we make all the discoveries about your business and mission, goals, and values, and, most importantly, define who your ideal target audience is. 

Pre Branding DISCOVERY phase 

So easy and fun you will have fresh new look in no time at all!

Have a look at the process

Brand Strategy
Color Palette
Font Curation

Timeline: 2 to 3 weeks  
Investment: $1,600

No two brands are alike - that's why I customize every detail to ensure your brand stands out. We'll create an identity that reflects who you are and what you stand for and bring your vision to life. Let's capture the essence of your business and message and create something truly special!

Identity Branding


website strategy
custom website Design
Custom Blog Design
gallery curation
shop integration options
website training
post launch support

Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks  
Investment: $6,000

Whether you're a start-up or an established brand, creating the perfect website that will make a great first impression is essential. With Showit your website will be a user-friendly interface for both yourself and your readers. Let's ensure that your site stands out from the competition, book more clients, and lands more sales. 

Web Design


  • Sales Page design
  • branding in a day
  • 5-7 page website
  • website refresh
  • Canva Design
  • Template customization

What I can help with: 

Timeline: 2 days total
Investment: $2,500

You really just don't have time to do this one thing

You don't need a complicated long drawn out design

You can't wait 3 or more months because you needed this done like yesterday

You want a "wow factor" NOW

Why a vip day...

Say goodbye to long waitlists and delays - with Brand Me Gorgeous, you can have your branding and website design completed in just one day! I will work with you to create the perfect design that fits your vision and needs.

VIP Design Day


Design with people and strategy in mind

design              with              people              and              strategy              in              mind

Design is subjective, but the strategy and goals behind it are not.

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