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build your brand strategy with CONFIDENCE 

importance of branding 

Be bold, make a statement and present yourself. Make a strong emotional connection to attract your ideal clients! 

Your values + Your Story + your services & my help = 

Your style + color THEORY + typography      =  

Your brand strategy of who you want to target and how you show them value!

Your brand vision of how your ideal clients will see and feel about you!

because it works! 

why is branding so important


my favorite branding projects

1. Consistency helps SEO (google loves it)
Having a brand name that is consistent across all social media platforms helps your SEO. Why? Because google needs to know you are a real company and real companies have brands.
2. Feeling
You need a brand that books with feeling. You need an emotional connection to your clients and customers to spread a positive message with an attractive approach.
3. Remembrance
Get noticed and stand above your market and be remembered. If you stand out of the crowd you will show your potential consumers strength. The look, feel and message conveyed will separate you.
 4. Organization
Having a brand shows you’re organized and have what it takes to succeed and excel. You’re showing your potential clients that you are serious and have taken the time to really think and organize your brand process.
5. Dependable
Branding shows you are dependable and loyal. And your clients will keep coming back to you for supporting your business because you have shown them your abilities to be there for them. In turn they will spread the word and refer you by word of mouth! Leading to more bookings, services, or products being sold!

by VISUAL EMOTIONAL connections 

Your ideas, story, products, and services turned into a visual identity.   

Together we will build your brand logo, tagline, business cards, marketing strategy  by defining your  target market, Next we create a style to match and uphold your brand strategy. 

BRAND STRATEGY CALL Let your dream story begin! A collaboration strategy call is a chance for us to get to know each other. I need to know all about your business, process, and vision. This allows us to strategize and develop a plan that will solve any problems and define your business brand. 

BRAND AND DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE. A detailed questionnaire that really digs into your vision of the business you dream about. Through this brainstorming opportunity, we also learn about your personality and ideal clients. These questions will help nail down your style, your vision, and will assist us in making your brand a mark to remember! 

BRANDING BOARD AND REVISIONS. The exciting part! We start branding. Expect to receive three different branding boards as concepts. Choose one board or mix and match a few ideas with each board. Next, we start the revisions process and you are allowed unlimited revisions.

LAUNCH. Throw a party, treat yourself to a dinner, have a glass of wine, and share your brand!

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